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This year, skip the shopping headache. School Tool Box takes your school’s exact supply list, packs up a box and ships it to you – so you get what your kids need in a few clicks. No store trips, no lines, no sold-out items.

School supplies are name-brand, and they’re guaranteed to last all year. Ordering takes five minutes. It could save you hours.

Mark Carlson retired in December 2021 and asked School Tool Box to continue serving Carlson clients. If your school has worked with Carlson School Supplies in the past, you're already in the right place for 2024.

School Tool Box is a family-owned business based in DeKalb, Illinois. Expect the same great experience with us that you've come to love with Carlson.

Why School Tool Box?
name brand supplies
Name-brand supplies

Get quality items from brands you trust — pre-packaged in the exact quantities students need

guaranteed all school year
Guaranteed all school year

No shoddy folders or dead pens — if it doesn't last, we'll replace it

finished in 5 minutes
Finished in 5 minutes

Summer's fleeting — spend it somewhere other than the checkout line

packed from your school list
Packed from your school's list

Start the first day with just what their teachers requested — no guesswork required