Through your customized teacher portal, you can build, edit and view supply lists for your class(es). Your students will come to school on the first day of school prepared with everything you’ve requested!

The teacher portal also gives you access to our Teacher's Wish List program. Teacher’s Wish List works like a gift registry, allowing you to create a wish list of items needed for your classroom. Parents ordering school supplies can grant your wishes throughout the spring and summer and the items will be delivered in the fall.

Grant a Teacher's Wish

Did you know that teachers spend over $500 of their own money on school supplies every year? Please consider helping your school’s teachers by adding some of their wish list items to your cart. We’ll send the teacher an email when you’ve granted one of their wishes and all Wish List items will be shipped directly to the teacher at the start of school.

Wish Lists built for your school will appear when you add your School Tool Box to your shopping cart. Already purchased supplies or just looking to help out a teacher in your area?

Teacher's Wish Lists are also viewable at checkout if you're ordering supply boxes for your school, too!